Our Apples

A selection of  some of our Cider apples that we grow here at Dunham Press Cider.    Dabinett Dabinett is one of the most popular and highly regarded cider varieties available. It is of vintage quality, with a bittersweet, well balanced and full bodied juice, often used for single variety cider. Dabinett originates from Kingsbury Episcopi, Somerset and whilst trees are usually small in habit and moderate in vigour, crops are regular and good. It has fairly good overall disease resistance and the hard and heavy apples will happily store before being pressed in November.  
  • Highest quality juice
  • Good and regular crops
  • Good general disease resistance
  •   Kingston Black
  • Kingston Black has somewhat legendary status amongst cider makers. Its bittersharp juice is of the highest quality, with well balanced tannin and acidity contributing to a full-bodied, distinctive single variety cider. However, it is not the easiest tree to grow.It arose in the village of Kingston, Somerset in the mid-19th century where it is locally known as Black Taunton. Widely planted in orchards cross the cider growing regions.  
    • Highest quality vintage juice
    • Traditional variety
Tom Putt   A popular old dual purpose apple, which is often used as a mild sharp for cider making. It is very disease resistant and crops can be produced in exposed locations and higher altitudes. It makes a vigorous and spreading tree with good reliable crops. Originally from Devon, 18th century.  
  • Useful dual purpose
  • Healthy tree
  • Reliable cropper
  Newton Wonder One of the best cooking apples available, and deserves a place in any fruit garden or orchard.  Raised at King’s Newton in Derbyshire in 1887, the fruit are large with yellow flesh heavily flushed with scarlet. Cooks to a full-flavoured yellow fluff with a sweet aroma. Keeps well, it will mellow to a sharp but very acceptable dessert apple. Hardy and tolerant of late frosts.   Hereford Redstreak   Somerset Redstreak   Major   Hastings